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pi Fellowship

Come and work with us!

Folks who are interested in pursuing a career in VC, we have an exciting opportunity - pi Fellowship!

What is it?

Long term paid fellowship to work with the pi team. You will be working on live deals and build multiple theses

What are we looking for?
Curious, hard-working and entrepreneurial folks who are passionate about AI and DeepTech

How do I apply
Interested candidates are requested to submit an investment thesis on any one of the following topics:

  1. AI in Digital workplace
  2. AI in Cybersecurity/IoT security
  3. Voice-based commerce
  4. AI in Regulatory Tech
  5. AR/VR in Enterprise applications
  6. AI Platforms
  7. Conversational AI

If you are interested in submitting a thesis on another topic, please contact and work out the topic. For the slides from the talk, please go here

Submit your application here.

Applications close on the midnight of 31st October.

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